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William Faulker’s Nobel Banquet Speech (& Planet of the Apes)

Three years ago, I chose to recite William Faulkner’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech for a Public Speaking class in college. I had so loathed the prospects of taking that course that I was the sole senior in a class full of freshmen and sophomores. Begrudgingly, I got through it though if memory serves correct, I made a miserable job of it. In any case, the text itself–which speaks to Cold War fears and anxieties–is masterful.

Imagine my surprise, however, to hear bits of it used in the recently released teaser trailer for this summer’s War for the Planet of the Apes. Granted, it’s not his voice and the words have been fairly condensed and reworked, nevertheless I quite liked its inclusion and thought it a rather unexpected place to find Faulkner! (Full disclosure: I quite love this Planet of the Apes reboot so perhaps I wouldn’t be okay had another film done this.) Below’s the film’s teaser trailer, Faulkner’s delivery of the speech from 1950, and the full text from his speech.

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